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Storage Bins

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Storage Bins  for small parts & components – polyethylene industrial grade plastic storage bins , for workshops, engineers, parts departments, factories, assembly lines

Plastic Parts Bins – open fronted storage bins, picking bins, industrial quality, ESD parts bins, wall mounted kits, polyethylene industrial grade plastic bins

Steel Louvre Panels – for parts bins &  Perfo Wall Panels for tool storage

Shelf Trays & Bins – flat open topped plastic parts trays for shelving systems

Bin Racks- single & double sided racks with bins

Bin Trolleys with Louvre Panels – mobile solutions for parts, kan ban shelving,

Visible Storage Cabinets – for very small components, space saving cabinets, clear fronted plastic containers

Workshop Cupboards – steel cupboards & cabinets complete with parts bins

For specific details of the large choice of sizes available on the above products please e-mail us at or call 0844 247 1707 

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